Biased for Education

Education in India is seen as an investment a parent makes for his child’s future. A major portion of parents savings and PF’s goes in their child’s education .

From primary schooling in a reputed and costly private school to taking tutions for getting into an engineering college, costs huge often forcing parents and students to take loans. Yet only a few of the students who get B Tech degrees work as engineers . Plus adding to the misery , average pay of most of the engineers in private sector is menial, just enough to survive and pay for loans . Plus hectic work culture in private company leaves very little room to continue with the job .

So I feel that it is very important to be a hard working student but it is equally important to be smart enough to take right decisions when it comes for choosing a subject for graduation or higher studies. A smart student knows what he wants and most precisely how he will get that .

It is more important¬†to ¬†know what you don’t have to do rather than what you have to do.